HEPA ALU 292 mm

HEPA ALU 292 mm

HEPA-filters with aluminium frame or MDF frame

available with different depths: 78 mm - 149 mm - 292 mm


    • for high air flow applications
    • high quality filtration
    • frame made of aluminium or MDF
    • low pressure drop 
    • low energy consumption
    • equally velocity distribution
    • leak-free guarantee
    • with test certificate EN 1822
    • available in various dimensions 
    • W-/V-design 

technical specifications

  • filter class H13 - H14 - U15
  • sealing compound: tow component polyurethane
  • frame material: aluminium or MDF
  • guard grill: aluminium
  • frame gasket: EPDM, PU
  • filter material: high quality glass fibre
  • separator: hot melt adhesive
  • fire class: K2 / F2 (normal temperatures)

fields of application

Industrial processes like micro electronics, medicine, pharmacy, the food industry, microbiology, chemistry, laboratories hospital and hospital operating theatres, laminar flow boxes, fan filter units, nuclear energy and nuclear research.

Data sheet

from 1,8 kg to 15 kg
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